how can music therapy help?

Music therapy addresses the specific needs of each client.  The music therapist uses music as the modality to assist the client in their healing process, whatever it may be.  Music therapists use evidenced-based interventions, such as music improvisation, receptive music listening, song writing, lyric discussion, music and imagery, active music making, and learning through music.

Music therapy provides a comfortable, non-threatening environment, where therapy can occur naturally.  Music naturally captures and maintains attention, and is highly-motivating, encouraging social interaction.  The rhythmic component of music can help enhance sensory processing, as well as gross/fine motor skills.  Music also stimulates cognitive functioning, allowing for neural plasticity and changes to occur within the brain.

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"Kirsten's music therapy sessions were wonderful times for my father during which his love of music was reawakened and his memory returned of people and events we thought he had long forgotten. Her precious gift enabled his adult children and grandchildren to reconnect with him emotionally through music creating new memories we now all hold dear to us."
- Daughter of resident at Mountain Vista Senior Living Community

"My Mom is a 75-year-old stroke survivor with non-fluent aphasia.  Our family has had the privilege of having Kirsten work with her for the last year.  Not only is Kirsten extremely talented and skillful in her profession, but also has the enthusiasm, intuitiveness, friendliness and caring heart needed to truly make a difference with her clients."
- Jana Downing
​Family member of a client

"A resident she worked with who was recovering from a brain tumor told me, 'Kirsten helped me learn to think again.'  She said through the hours Kirsten spent with her weekly, the music she brought to her, the lyrics they discussed; all help her with word retrieval, something she was sorely lacking.  Kirsten always made the residents feel special, with her attention to detail and her pleasant demeanor."
​- Deb Fisher, Assisted Living Activities Director
Mountain Vista Senior Living Community

"Kirsten's unique therapeutic skills enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of the residents in large group, small groups, as well as in one-on-one sessions.  She is also very caring and conscientious in her relationships with staff and residents.  Residents often comment on how helpful and knowledgeable she is.  Residents trust her and know that she cares about them and has their best interests in mind."​
- Rev. Barry Hadley, Spiritual Care Director
​Mountain Vista Senior Living Community